• Shuffle Grand Prix


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    Shuffle Grand Prix is an upcoming racing card game. Stay tuned for details!

  • Play Bitmite Blitz! Dodge spiders, dust bunnies and staples in a race to the top of the leaderboards. Complete 50 achievements that change the way you play the game and brings new challenges. Compete against the world on the online leaderboards for every level and difficulty.

  • December 2013

    windows osx linux Download on Desura!

    Top Snake is an arcade battle game. Race against the clock to beat your enemies. Eat or be eaten!

Game Jams and Prototypes

  • Ravenous Ravenous Raptors

    Bacon Game Jam 7 - March 23, 2014


    You are a newly built Robo Feeder 3000, and your job is to feed the ravenous raptors. Move around and knock the cows into the raptor's mouths.

  • Upsanity

    Global Game Jam 2014 - January 27, 2014


    We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are... and some see themselves exactly how they want to. Upsanity is a game about a insane asylum patient with delusions of being an elevator. Who are you to judge? Help the patient reach their dreams to move people from floor to floor!

  • Get a Job!

    Ludum Dare 28 - December 16, 2013


    You Only Get One day to prove yourself at this job. Get to it! Take customer orders, remember who got what and make it to sunset.

  • From the Woods

    Walking Dead Game Jam 1 - October 12, 2013


    Top Down Hack-n-Slash survival game based on simple mechanics. Kill the orcs, buy upgrades, survive.