Coin Flip Games, LLC is a micro game studio based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

We were founded in January 2014 officially by Robert Newton and some friends. We actually started working on our first title, Top Snake, back in May 2013, but didn't register as a company until we were

ready to release. We've released a bunch of games from various game jams and prototyping sessions and we're currently working on expanding our first mobile title, Bitmite Blitz. We've got a lot planned! Keep an eye on the blog!

Our goal is to bring an arcade spirit to all the games we produce. We want to make fun, addictive games with a distinct lack of bugs... though we make no such promise for our prototypes!


We've bundled up our logo for easy use as a .zip. Feel free to use this anywhere provide you follow the guidelines below:

  • *All artwork is copyright Coin Flip Games, LLC. You cannot not claim ownership of the logo or any derivations.
  • *Preferentially use the full logo. It's pixel art so it resizes easily. When resizing, use "Nearest Neighbor" interpolation in order to preserve hard edges and not blur. Do not use any anti-aliasing.
  • *Use the coin alone if the context with Coin Flip Games has already been established and a square logo is required.
  • *Use the text-only logo if the image is displayed inline and the full logo makes the text unreadable.
  • *Don't distort, warp, flip, rotate, skew, or crapulate the logo in anyway prior to displaying. We like it the way it is. We reserve the right to do any and all of these things. It is our logo after all.